Happy Passover and Happy Easter! XOXO

As a little kid, I remember going to my grandparents house for Passover dinner.  At the end of the night, my grandfather would hide the Matzo cracker somewhere in the house.  All my cousins and I would run around like crazy to all the rooms and try to find it, so we could redeem the prize.  This took place on my fathers side of the family.

On my mothers side of the family, we celebrated Easter.  At my aunts house, all my cousins and I would search all around her backyard for Easter eggs.  At the end of the day, celebrating both holidays with both sides of the family was a celebration of diversity, togetherness, love, and family.  All holidays bring together families and that is what matters most.  Have a Happy Passover today and a Happy Easter next Sunday everyone! XOXO

All pictures taken by Dena Rendlich


Hat – Zara

Dress – Sold by Carousels and Lace

Belt – Sold by Carousels and Lace

Bracelet (in picture on left) – H&M

Sunglasses – NYS Collection Eyewear

Heels – Aldo

Earrings – H&M

Matzo Crackers – Manischewitz











































































































































It was a bit windy in San Francisco when these photos were shot. My hair was flying all over the place… hahaha

























       Matzo! Matzo! Matzo!

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