Jean Shorts

Today was a beautiful day in Los Angeles.  The sun was up and the sky was blue.  Even though the LA sun is up, it is still January, and it is still a bit chilly.  Sometimes I will wear tights under my jean shorts, a sweater, a jacket, or a blazer, and a hat.  Jean shorts are versatile for warm weather and sometimes chilly weather (but not too chilly).  In the winter you can wear jean shorts with tights and some flat boots.  Doc Martins can go with them too or any flat boot that is below the knee.  I have put together a couple outfits that I enjoy…

Edited by Sophie Parish

 These pictures were taken by Ana Galvez

Cut Off Jean Shorts and Muscle Tees


















































































































Hat – From a street vendor in Venice, CA

Black Nails – Orly

Sunglasses – NYS Collection Eyewear

Eagle Muscle Tees – Urban Outfitters

‘Live To Ride’ Muscle Tee – Urban Outfitters

Cut Off Jean Shorts – Zara


Jean Shorts and Tights

(These pictures were taken by Dena Rendlich)






















































































Hat – Forever 21

Earrings – Forever 21

Jacket – H & M

Black and Brown Striped Sweater – H & M

Gold Bangle Bracelets – H & M

Ring – H & M

Hand-Made Leather Purse: Dilley Enterprises (my uncle Kevin made it)

Shoes – Aldo




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