Love, Love, Love: We Knew Each Other for 4 Days and Then We Got Married

I went to a dinner party about a week ago and I met a married couple.  They were in their 50’s.   To my surprise, her husband told me that they met when they were both in their early 20’s and he married her four days after the first day he met her. He reminiced about how wild and fun she was and the crazy experiences they enjoyed together.  He went back in time and his eyes started to glow with happiness as he expressed that he had to marry her.  Thirty years later, they are still in love, have two adult daughters they adore, and they still reminisce about their crazy youth when they first met.

I left that dinner party thinking a lot about love and how every person I meet has a different love story.  There is this couple who got married immediately after knowing each other and they are still together over 30 years later, and I also hear about people who have been together for many years before they got married.  Some have successful relationships that last forever and some don’t.  What I have learned is marriage is a gamble, but when it comes to love there is no wrong or right answer.  You can’t control who you fall in love with, so follow your heart.  Every person who has told me their love story has expressed that love is a feeling, it is a gamble, but it is worth it.

I have blogged some of these quotes before, because these are some of my favorite love quotes by Bob Marley.





















All pictures taken by Dena Rendlich

Hat – Bought from street vendor in Venice, CA

Love Sweatshirt – Brandy Melville

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans – Carousels and Lace

Black Shoes – Aldo









































































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