Fashion Inspiration in Beverly Hills

When I lived in Florence, Italy years ago, I enjoyed walking to all the shops and gaining inspiration from all the mannequins on display.  Now that I live in Los Angeles, I enjoying walking through Beverly Hills and looking at all the window displays.  Here are some window displays that caught my eye on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills today.  Enjoy! XOXO




































































































Kale Smoothies and Cheap (Healthy) Groceries at Trader Joe’s

Recently, I got some e-mails asking me what do I eat.   The answer is that I try to keep a healthy lifestyle every day of my life.  Eating 100% healthy is a lifestyle.  I don’t believe in diets, because I think that diets are temporary.  However, I stick to buying only healthy foods at the grocery store and I exercise regularly for about an hour a day.  I make myself a fruit/vegetable smoothie every morning.  I change the ingredients every other week with all different fruits and vegetables.

Trader Joe’s has a wonderful selection of organic fruits and vegetables and they are cheaper than what is sold at other grocery stores.  They also carry dairy products from cows that are not treated with rBST (this is an artificial growth hormone).  I stay away from artificial growth hormones when buying meats and dairy products.

These are the ingredients to my kale smoothie and  it is a demonstration with pictures:


2 cups of orange juice   –  $1.99 for a carton of orange juice at Trader Joe’s

1 tomato – $2.49 for package of 4 organic tomatoes at Trader Joe’s

These china porcelaine dishes are made by Coventry

30 baby carrot sticks – $1.49 for a pack of organic baby carrots cut and peeled at Trader Joe’s


1 banana – $.19 cents each at Trader Joe’s

2 cups of Kale – $2.29 for a large bag of organic kale at Trader Joe’s























cut off one inch of the ginger root and peel it with a sharp knife   – $1.39 for about 2 raw ginger roots at Trader Joe’s


 2 table spoons of agave – $3.29 for a bottle of organic agave  at Trader Joe’s (you can add more agave if you want your smoothie a bit more sweet)























After all the ingredients are in the blender.  Press the liquify button.  I use a Kitchen Aid blender.  
























Now you have your kale smoothie!
























Enjoy! XOXO

Black Miniskirts, My Cousin Eden, and the Carousels and Lace Boutique

These are more photos of my cousin Eden when we did our photo shoot in Napa, California.  Ever since we were little kids, she always had a passion for singing.  I still remember her as a little girl singing at all the family gatherings with a microphone in her tiny hand.  I always admired her talent and voice since we were children.  Recently, she sang the national anthem at the Golden State Warriors basketball game.   I am so proud of her!

More of her music is on YouTube at

Also, I just added the Carousels and Lace Boutique to my fashion blog.  All the clothing and accessories in my fashion blog can now be viewed and purchased on Etsy.  You just click on the tab at the top of the page that says Shop Carousels and Lace on Etsy.  All the photos are linked with the boutique so you are just a click away.  Enjoy! XOXO


All fashion photography taken by Dena Rendlich and all scenic photography taken by Sasha Fischman

A winery in Napa, California









Acid Wash Jean Jacket – Vintage

Silver Bracelet – H&M

Black and White Stripe Blouse – Sold by Carousels and Lace

Black Faux Leather Miniskirt – Sold by Carousels and Lace











A winery in Napa, California






























These were shot during sunset in the evening.


Pink Blouse – Eddie Bauer (Sold by Carousels and Lace)

Black Faux Leather Miniskirt  – Sold by Carousels and Lace

Silver Bracelet – H&M











































































Bleached Jean Skirts and Following Your Inner Truth












All fashion photography taken by Dena Rendlich


Hat – Forever 21

Orange Sweater – Zara (Sold by Carousels and Lace)

Yellow Sweater – Esprit (circa 1990s)

White Tank Top – Forever 21

Belt – Vintage (circa 1980s) and sold by Carousels and Lace

Bleached Skirt – Bebe (circa 1990s)

Gold Watch – Michael Kors

Nude Heels – Aldo

































































































































































































The Classic Black and White Houndstooth Jacket

The black and white houndstooth jacket is a classic pattern that keeps making its way into fashion magazines in every decade.  It is a design that can be worn on any dressy occasion.  I prefer wearing it with a solid colored dress or a solid colored pencil skirt and blouse.  It can also be worn in the workplace mixed with business attire (a long black pencil skirt and heels).

I added a red belt to this outfit, because I like the accent it brings to the black and white.  It makes the outfit pop out a little more.


All photographs taken by Dena Rendlich





Floppy Hat – Zara

Houndstooth Jacket – Sold by Carousels and Lace

Black Dress – Zara (Sold by Carousels and Lace)

Silver Bracelets – H&M

Belt – Vintage (circa 1980s)  and sold by Carousels and Lace

 Black Heels – Aldo





























































































































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