Who Says You Can’t Wear Pearls and Angora To The Beach?!?

My cousin Dena and I decided to drive to Stinson Beach on a beautiful day.  The sun was up, but it was a little windy.  So, I wore my pink angora sweater, pearls, and jeans to the beach.  Who says you can’t wear pearls and angora to the beach?

All fashion photos taken by Dena Rendlich and all scenic photos taken by Sasha Fischman

Highway 1 to Stinson Beach
























I took these pictures from our car.  We were on highway 1 driving through Muir Woods to Stinson Beach in Northern California.

Muir Woods in Northern California


Stinson Beach in Northern California

This was our view of Stinson Beach from the top of the hill.




 We stopped in the downtown area of       Stinson Beach, got a snack, and we saw a playground across the street.  

The monkey bars looked very tempting! 















Pure Happiness!


























  We are at warm and windy Stinson Beach



Pink Angora Sweater (bedazzled with little pearls on it) – sold by Carousels and Lace

Gray Bleached Skinny Jeans – Carousels and Lace

Faux Pearl Necklace (made by Banana Republic) – sold by Carousels and Lace

White Bracelet – Carousels and Lace

Sunglasses – NYS Collection Eyewear



























































































I ran down the hill and fell … and then my cousin snapped away with her camera … haha



































Nancy Trifiletti - Luv it !!!

Susie - What great pictures Sasha! I think these are my favourites so far. XOXO

The New Man In My Life …

Today I visited one of my best friends, and she gave birth to Cameron nearly two years ago.  This is my new man Cameron.  Two of my favorite things are puppies and babies.  I love him so much!  He gives me giggles and cuddles all day!   XOXO






















Carousels and Large Hats

There is a part of me that will remain a kid at heart.  One of the many reasons I picked carousels as the name of my blog is because it also represents my childhood.  It takes me back to the playful kid I always was and will always be.  As a kid, I would sit on the carousels and admire all the shapes, colors, paintings,  mirrors, and ornate carvings.  They reminded me of what it would be like to be in a castle in Paris, and my imagination would go wild.  To carousels, wild colorful imaginations,  and being a kid! XOXO

All pictures taken by Dena Rendlich










Hat – Sold by Carousels and Lace

Dress -Zara (Sold by Carousels and Lace)

White Belt – Vintage (circa 1980s) and sold by Carousels and Lace

Gold Bracelet – I got it from the South of France

Black Heels – Aldo














Thigh High Boots and Shorts and Don’t Forget to Tell Your Parents You Love Them XOXO

I have been home in the San Francisco area visiting my family and friends. My cousin Dena and I have been spending a lot of time together laughing and doing photo shoots.  When we drive to different locations in Northern California, I have been noticing all the beautiful scenery.  I never really stopped and noticed how beautiful the scenery was in Northern California when I grew up there.  As much as I love Los Angeles, I enjoy being home in San Francisco too.  It centers me and gives me serenity to be surrounded by family.

As my parents get older I really enjoy every moment with them.  We shouldn’t forget that we have one set of parents, so love them and tell them you love them every day.

All fashion photos taken by Dena Rendlich and all scenic photos taken by Sasha Fischman


I left my heart in San Francisco…

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA


These outfits are all the same outfit, but I changed the overcoats (the only change was the army green jacket and the faux fur vest)







Shorts – Selling in Carousels and Lace Boutique on Etsy

Earrings – H&M

Ring – Vintage

Gold Watch – Michael Kors

Bangle Bracelets – H&M

All Sunglasses – NYS Collection Eyewear

Green Army Jacket – Selling in Carousels and Lace Boutique on Etsy

Leather Boots – Christian Dior

Leg Warmers (under boots) – American Apparel

Nail Polish – Essie


R e c e n t   P o s t s