Black and White Outfits = Easy Color Combo

Two classic colors are black and white.  They are a color combination that I have used often throughout my entire life.  I find them addicting because they are the easiest color combo.  They go together perfectly and they are versatile when matched with other colors.

All pictures were taken by Dena Rendlich









































































































































































Hat – Forever 21

Gold Earrings – Forever 21

Gold Bracelet – Bought in South of France

Black Purse – Vintage

Black tank top – American Apparel

White Jacket – Bebe

White Belt – Vintage (circa 19080s)

Black Leggings – American Apparel

White Ankle Boots – H&M

Lip Gloss – Urban Decay (Midnight Cowboy color)

Make-Up – Jane Iredale facial foundation and powder (Latte color)






I am using the Urban Decay lip gloss/lip plumper in the Midnight Cowboy color in all these pictures.









I have been using Jane Iredale cosmetics for the past 10 years.  It is what I wear every day and in all the pictures I have posted.  I was introduced to this line of cosmetics when I was at a health spa in northern california.  It feels very light weight and natural every time I put it on.  The foundation leaves my skin glowing, because it has a lot of plant-based ingrediants such as Oat, Willow, White Tea, and Aloe.  It also has Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10.

The powder foundation is all minerals and it is a natural skin protectant  with UVA/UVB SPF 20 broad-spectrum sun protection.

Fashion and Love in Italy

In 2003, I lived in Florence, Italy for six months.   Immediately, I fell in love the scenery, the architecture, the fashion, the food, and the people. Everywhere I went, there were stores filled with the most beautiful jewelry, clothes, and shoes.  It was heaven. But most of all, it was the people whom I learned the most from.  It was very different from growing up in the U.S.  My experience in the U.S. was that most people were conservative and public displays of affection was looked upon as “inappropriate.”


In Florence, I would see people passionately kissing and hugging everywhere I turned.  Public displays of affection, passion, and love was a part of being alive.  It finally felt like home and I felt as if I grew up in Europe in a past life.  I saw how unafraid people were and it was beautiful.

When I talk to some people about relationships, I hear some of the same stories (especially in Los Angeles).   I hear about people meeting people who are emotionally unavailable, people who are afraid to fall in love, people who are afraid of labeling someone as their “girlfriend” or “boyfriend,” people who are jaded and take their painful past with them as baggage into their new relationships, people who disappear and are flakey, etc.  In my opinion, being afraid, settling for the wrong person, and living in fear, is equivalent to death and vomit.  And girls, you are worth every single part of the word RESPECT. So don’t settle for anything less than your worth.

When I lived in Italy in 2003, I took pictures all over Florence with my Nikon (black and white film camera) of things that filled me with joy. Here are some of my photographs that I took. To love, to passion, to creativity, to fashion, to traveling the world, to the warm sun against your skin, and to life!  XOXO

Edited by Sophie Parish

The Love Locks

































Legend has it that if you and your loved one attach a padlock to any surface of the Ponte Vecchio and then throw away the key into the Arno River below, your love will last forever.  Millions of couples have come to the Ponte Vecchio for this reason.














































































































































































































A Little Bit of the 80s and an Eclectic Mix

As a kid, I remember watching the 1980 music videos of The Bangles on MTV and the classic movie Flashdance.  There, I saw the off-the-shoulder blouses, sweaters, and dresses for the first time. The 80s made a come back in the early 2000s, and the off-the-shoulder look has stuck with me ever since.  Now, I stretch out the neck area of some of my sweaters, blouses, and dresses if I want to add a little 80s to it.  Every once in a while I get a little crazed by the 80s and eclectic mixes of clothes.

(These pictures were taken by Dena Rendlich)



















































































































Black Faux Fur Hat – Banana Republic

Black Faux Fur Coat – Mossimo

Striped Sweater Dress – H&M

Gold Belt – Sold by Carousels and Lace

Gold Rings – H&M

Black Nails – Orly

Sunglasses – NYS Collection Eyewear

Yellow High Heels – Macy’s





Jean Shorts

Today was a beautiful day in Los Angeles.  The sun was up and the sky was blue.  Even though the LA sun is up, it is still January, and it is still a bit chilly.  Sometimes I will wear tights under my jean shorts, a sweater, a jacket, or a blazer, and a hat.  Jean shorts are versatile for warm weather and sometimes chilly weather (but not too chilly).  In the winter you can wear jean shorts with tights and some flat boots.  Doc Martins can go with them too or any flat boot that is below the knee.  I have put together a couple outfits that I enjoy…

Edited by Sophie Parish

 These pictures were taken by Ana Galvez

Cut Off Jean Shorts and Muscle Tees


















































































































Hat – From a street vendor in Venice, CA

Black Nails – Orly

Sunglasses – NYS Collection Eyewear

Eagle Muscle Tees – Urban Outfitters

‘Live To Ride’ Muscle Tee – Urban Outfitters

Cut Off Jean Shorts – Zara


Jean Shorts and Tights

(These pictures were taken by Dena Rendlich)






















































































Hat – Forever 21

Earrings – Forever 21

Jacket – H & M

Black and Brown Striped Sweater – H & M

Gold Bangle Bracelets – H & M

Ring – H & M

Hand-Made Leather Purse: Dilley Enterprises (my uncle Kevin made it)

Shoes – Aldo




More of the 90s …

More of the 90s …


All pictures taken by Dena Rendlich























































Hat – H&M

Earrings – Forever 21

Jacket – H&M

Belt – Sold by Carousels and Lace (circa 1990s)

Skirt – Forever 21

Bangle Bracelets – H&M

Ring – H&M

Black Ankle Boots – H&M

Black Nail Polish – Orly

Black Leggings – American Apparel

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