Hello 1990s …

As I turn the pages of various fashion magazines, I feel like I am turning the pages of time.  I remember the 90s was filled with Kate Moss’s heroine chic look for CK One, the band Nirvana, slap bracelets, overalls, music by Salt and Pepper, the TV show 90210, Doc Martin boots, the grunge look, and the “Rachel” haircut from the TV show Friends.  I also remember running around my neighborhood with my childhood friends, eating Otter Pops on a hot day, and wearing my mood ring, overalls, and black jelly sandals.  I might still have some of those clothes hidden away.

I have closets full of original vintage clothes that date back to the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.  I keep them in Northern California (where I grew up).  They were clothes that once belonged to my  grandmother and mother and now they are mine.  One of these days I’m going to have to make a trip, go through everything, and add them into my newer collection of clothes. I have enough vintage clothes to open up a store.  Maybe that will be my next business venture. XOXO

All pictures taken by Dena  Rendlich


































































































































































(All pictures were taken by Dena Rendlich)

Black Nail Polish: Orly
White Bracelet: Sold by Carousels and Lace
Gold Necklace: H&M
Both Rings: H&M
Sunglasses: NYS Collection Eyewear
Pants: Plain cotton leggings
Belt: Sold by Carousels and Lace (circa 1990s)
Yellow Blazer: H&M
Black Tank Top: Forever 21
White Ankle Boots: H&M




Home for the Holidays and my Favorite Purse

Last month I went home to Northern California for the holidays and spent time with my whole family.  I live in Los Angeles, but I grew up in Northern California.  I talked to them about starting a fashion blog while we were having Hanukkah dinner.

My cousin, Dena Rendlich, offered to be my photographer.  She got her degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography.  She is an absolute joy to work with.  All of these photos (below) were shot by her.

After Hanukkah dinner, my uncle Kevin showed me a leather purse that he created.   I was surprised and impressed to find out that it was 100% hand-made leather and hand carved by him.  The hand carvings truly make it an art piece.  In fact, this purse that I am wearing is 20 years old and it is in MINT condition.  I saw it and I loved it.  I have worn his purse with many outfits.

All photos taken by Dena  Rendlich
Edited by Sophie Parish
















































































Hat: Zara
Sunglasses: NYS Collection Eyewear
Gold Bangle Bracelets: H & M
The single, gold bracelet on the other hand: Macys
Black Nail Polish: Orly
Hand-Made Leather Purse: Dilley Enterprises (my uncle Kevin made it)
Black Shirt: Brandy Melville
Pants: Zara
Black Shawl/Wrap: Carousels and Lace
Leg Warmers: American Apparel
Black Leather Boots: Christian Dior


Family and Food

I was very happy to find out that my cousin David and his girlfriend Stephanie were visiting Los Angeles for the new year.  I get very excited when I have family visiting. Today I showed them around Santa Monica in the morning and then we went to the restaurant called Taste in West Hollywood.  The food was delicious!  I ordered the grilled goat cheese sandwich with avocado, the green salad, and tomato dip.  

This was my lunch at Taste (grilled goat cheese sandwich with avocado, green salad, tomato dip)

We are all at Taste having lunch

Edited by Sophie Parish

Stephanie - Sasha!!! Your blog looks amazing! Congratulations!!!! Wishing you all the best! Xoxoxo

Love Steph

Happy New Year! To Success, Health, Happiness, Love, and Fashion!

Hi, I am Sasha Fischman and I am starting this amazing new year with my fashion blog. I work in the media industry as a production coordinator / manager and I am also a fashion stylist.  My obsession with fashion started when I stepped into my mother’s walk-in closet at 4 years old.  I remember being overwhelmed by all her high-heels, dresses, accessories, and make-up.  Immediately, I started trying on everything and posed in front of her mirror as I put together all the different outfits and colors.

Purse and Ring: Vintage

Bracelet: H&M

Sunglasses: NYS Collection Eyewear

Black Nail Polish: Orly

Belt: Zara

Black Heels: Aldo


 All the photos above were taken by Ana Galvez  

Edited by Sophie Parish

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