Unplanned Pursuit of Happiness

Today I was thinking about life.  I noticed that every great relationship  and every great thing that has happened in my life, has happened when I have worked hard and then just let go and gave it up to the universe.  Years ago, I used to think that I had control over everything that happened in life. That thought used to cause a lot of anxiety. Now, I have truly realized the power of doing your very best and then letting go and let life take its course.  I believe that life will present a lot of unplanned things to you at times and resilience is everything.

This has internally brought me inner peace.  The art of letting go…











All pictures taken by Dena Rendlich 



Jewelry – Vintage

Sunglasses – NYS Collection Eyewear

White Dress – American Apparel

Red Belt – Vintage

Silver Shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo

















This is a tee-shirt dress by American Apparel.  I dressed it up with a vintage belt and some jewelry.  You can change any casual looking outfit into a dressier outfit with accessories.






















Jewelry – Vintage

Sunglasses – NYS Collection Eyewear

White Dress – American Apparel

Red Belt – Vintage

Silver Shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo
















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